The Effect Of Peer Pressure On Girls

Peer pressure is used to force girls to eat extremes in an attempt to be more like their prettier peers. Anonymous quotes are used to feed their hatreds of their flaws, including the one that says “nothing tastes better than skinny feelings”. Peer pressure is a dangerous thing, but it works. Peer pressure on young ladies to conform to the norms of others is a problem. But what about the benefits? These girls are happier to be themselves. Negative peer pressure on girls can have positive effects: relationships, looks, and social lives.

Peer pressure has made someone’s looks a priority for so many years. It’s easy to see how society has changed by the new standards set by women like these. These impressionable young girls compare themselves to models and are slowly becoming like them. While it is not healthy to be pressured to lose weight, the peer pressure to look thin can have a positive effect on your looks. Although it is demeaning, girls like to feel that their hard work and hunger has paid off. These females also benefit from the way they dress. These girls have new standards. They spend hundreds on clothes that will not be fashionable for more than a few days. The million-dollar-dressed teenager has been complimented every step of the way. Despite being beautiful, many girls feel pressured to get into the worlds of face painting. Every day, YouTube uploads new makeup tutorials. You can find them applying everything from a full eyebrow retouch to heavy foundation. The result is beautiful skin and improved self-esteem for these girls. All of these girls, no matter how basic or mainstream they may be, have seen their beauty and overcome peer pressure. Peer pressure can only be considered so negative if it results in so many compliments. Girls who have given so much to peer pressure will continue to live busy social lives. A young woman can feel pressured into going to parties as she believes it’s the best thing to do. These underage activities could bring her new friends. They will have fun, drink, chat, take photos, and create memories. The party doesn’t end there though. They share it with their friends via various social media channels. This generation of girls is pressured to have more ‘views’ or ‘followers in order to be popular. This is a positive sign. She can get more friends and views on social media. Because she is so outgoing and has so much fun, others see her as a fun person to have fun with. This makes it easier to make friends, to like, to follow, and to have fun at parties, so the party will never end. People want her to be the same girl as them now. She can always count on one of her new friends/followers to get her what she needs. A boyfriend is the only thing she needs.

Today’s open-minded society is becoming more diverse, but this article will remain classic and based on the boy-girl relationship. Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, etc. There are many relationships on the internet. They feel pressured more every day to fall for the right man and find their one. Although it may seem bad, the good news is that these girls are willing to open up more in order to find someone to share their crazy lives with. These relationships start with the roots, with friends. Two weeks after starting dating, one of the women finds a boy she shares similar interests and friends. Beautiful girls and handsome boys dominate the social ladder. They were forced to be the best-looking couple by their peers. He doesn’t have to be liked by everyone, so why should she? They are now under pressure to work together and strive for excellence. Never fight in public and never talk to another person behind their backs. Although he may not be the most polite person, he is able to post some of the best photos of any of his friends.

Peer pressure can be very harmful to an outsider’s view. But, she rarely sees it from her perspective. She sees her own progress, while others may see her suffering. While she initially sees her self less, it is a bad thing. After all, she is now the one everyone looks up at. That is a tremendous feeling for someone who had been under so much pressure. This is only for girls who didn’t succumb to the pressure but instead fought back against their harsh words and refused to accept their opinions. Their self-esteem is now high because they have everything they want: looks, relationships, and social lives.


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